Support Services

Support Services

We have professional teachers for individual differences in learning, attach importance to children’s emotional expression, care for students’ families in need, promote the culture of parent-child care for communities, appreciation program and hold diversified or outdoor activities on a regular basis.

Support to students with special needs

Joining the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services.
Social Work Services support to students with special needs, such as, play therapy, social group training, concentration training, etc.

Support to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

Arrange interpretation/translation services; engage NCS parent volunteers to enhance communication between school and parents; create an enriched language environment for mastery of the Chinese language; create an inclusive learning environment to facilitate students’ integration; collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to create an inclusive learning environment; facilitate professional development for teachers to develop effective strategies to help NCS students learn Chinese.

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Other activities / communication with parents

We regularly hold such activities as parent observation activities, parent education workshops, tea gathering, parent’s day and parent-child volunteers, parent-child picnic and sunny call to strengthen home-school connection and demonstrate the spirit of cooperation.